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Testimonials from City Yoga Students

City Yoga is an oasis of awareness where I always find the focus to achieve a calm place and general well-being that carries over into my everyday life.  Stacey is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration. While continually challenging and motivating me, her compassion and sense of humor create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to practice. Her breadth of knowledge and positive teaching style makes this rigorous practice a very rewarding experience, and kindles a sense of community and open-hearted spirit.  I look forward to every class!"  
Joe H., cartographer

I sought the services of Stacey Millner-Collins a little over three years ago when I was recovering from a shoulder injury and other health problems.  Not only have I regained one hundred percent of the range of motion in my shoulder, but I also feel better than I have felt in years.  My energy has increased, as well as my stamina. I have lost weight; I am sleeping better; and my doctors are amazed at the progress I have made.   In addition to asana practice, integrating the Anusara Yoga philosophy into my life has truly transformed my day to day living.  I have found an exceptional teacher and mentor in Stacey in addition to a caring community of people who are dedicated to creating good health in themselves and in the world around them.
Jemme S., Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing and a Licensed Professional Counselor

Laughter. That is one word that sums up my experience at City Yoga each and every time I am in the studio.  When I first walked in the door, not sure what to expect, I was met with people who thoroughly enjoyed the practice. With the support of Stacey, the other instructors and fellow students, despite my trepidation, they have encouraged me to try poses that I never thought I could attempt.  The beauty of Anusara Yoga is that you are always learning. The other fundamental beauty is that you are always laughing, too.
Elizabeth N., Manager, Community Relations Blue Cross & Blue Shield of South Carolina

Having practiced yoga before I found this studio, I found true teaching here, versus an exercise class. Learning proper alignment -- practicing yoga in a safe and precise way -- has kept me interested, healthy and strong. I love yoga as it helps me live a truly integrated life. And the community of students and teachers at City Yoga has given me a home."
Jan S., USC

Coming to City Yoga has been life changing! At age 32 I was diagnosed with early stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis. After years of playing competitive tennis, I was resigned that the aching and stiffness in my joints from my arthritis was part of my life. Beginning a regular yoga practice under the guidance of City Yoga's skilled teachers, I am now flexible, moving easily with no pain. I am forever grateful.
Ann C., homemaker

My practice at City Yoga has brought me so much more than I could have ever imagined.  City Yoga is a community based on kindness, encouragement, and compassion.  The Anusara Yoga practice has brought me closer to the home that resides in my heart center.  I am not as afraid of life as I use to be and that has brought a quiet calm and balance.  My life is truly hectic but now I stand in the eye of the storm and am able to hear the wind, see the sky, and remember to breathe! I love City Yoga and am grateful for my teacher, Stacey.
Carroll C., therapist

Since I started practicing yoga, I have found that everything I have learned kept and keeps me sane. It has brought both my body and my mind together to allow me to be a much more solid person in every sense. Your strength has pulled me up many times from difficult places both in my life and on the mat. Even when I travel to far off places I always feel the spirit of City Yoga wrapped inside my mat, which is with me, and this keeps me balanced, centered, and strong wherever I am. Thanks for being here.
Ayala K., singer & songwriter

I would like to take this opportunity to share with those who are interested in Yoga, or Anusara Yoga in particular, what this practice has meant to me and what I have learned.  First of all, yoga is for everyone at any age and every level of flexibility. Second, no matter where you are in life, if you focus on the practice of yoga, it will make you better at everything you do.  I am 59 years old and have been practicing for four years at City Yoga and my physical abilities have never been as strong or as flexible.  It has helped to center my mind and heart to discern what is really important in life.  It has given me a refuge to balance the stress and suffering that life inevitably provides.  So, if you love those around you and want to do something really special for them, then please give yourself the spiritual and physical discipline of Anusara yoga.
Bob F., Owner of Southwinds Building Group LLC

I have mentioned to you on several occasions that when I arrive for a private yoga session often my “mind and body” are extremely stressed out. I originally came to City Yoga to see if yoga would help my constant shin and leg pain. I had been diagnosed with chronic shin splints. I thought it was due to running so much on concrete and pavement. Running certainly contributed to the constant swelling and pain. Throughout the sessions you encouraged me to relax and allow my mind and body to connect in a peaceful transition. Making a long story short my leg pain has diminished almost entirely and I am currently running again four to five miles 3 times a week in the woods.
Jud S., Director of Fixed Operations at Dick Smith Auto Group

When I go out to get the newspaper in the early morning I stop for a minute, look up at the stars and breathe. I am so grateful for my yoga practice because it teaches me to take deep breaths and appreciate the moment.
Betsy N., filmmaker

Since the simplest expression is often the best...I would say that I have never left a yoga class at City Yoga where I didn't feel better, simply better in every way, than I did before class...I always experience a transformation for the Good....
It is utterly unimaginable to think of my life without Anusara Yoga.
Page H., real estate broker

 “Yes we can!” Before Obama taught me this lesson, it was Stacey Millner-Collins who helped instill this attitude in me. It was my good fortune to start practicing at City Yoga in May 2000. Since then, I have seen dramatic changes in myself, and they are clearly attributable to this presence in my life. First of all, my body has become stronger and more flexible. (In my younger days, I was not particularly athletic, and so it is all the more amazing that as I approach the age of 60, I begin my days now with headstands, splits and full backbends.) More importantly, since I began my yoga practice my mind has grown stronger and more flexible. From my very first class I have felt both calmer and more energetic. I am more confident and more joyful; my life is fuller and my relationships deeper. Whenever I am asked what I consider the most important factor in maintaining my health in my older years, I never hesitate to answer: my practice at City Yoga.
Barbara K., retired USC ESL instructor

City Yoga is not just a place to practice Yoga. City Yoga is the jewel of Five Points. It draws your heart, mind, and soul into the practice. I have never left City Yoga unfulfilled. And I always look forward to coming back for more!
Page M., artist

City Yoga has helped me to practice responding instead of reacting. I have practiced yoga for 24 years, but finding Anusara Yoga has changed my life. I am 53 years old and I am in the best physical (and mental) condition ever. Anusara Yoga has changed my body, but more importantly is has changed the way I view the world. Opening to grace—nothing more need be said. My running has also changed and improved because of my yoga practice at City Yoga with less injury and less time off. City Yoga meets you where you are at your individual level of fitness. Each instructor brings something new and refreshing, making every class an adventure. My edge has taken on a whole new meaning: my first handstand at 50!
City Yoga is truly a sanctuary for the body and the mind. Walking into the studio at City Yoga is a meditation in itself.  It is so beautiful and so calming.  You can forget all your worries for a little while.  For ninety minutes I am focused on what I am doing and not on the stock market, my business, or my aging parent.  I know that when I leave all those problems will still be there, but my practice enables me to face those challenges with grace.
Ann S., editor & retired high school teacher

Yoga calms me.
Yoga gives me flexibility.
Yoga rocks.
Harriet S., International Trade and Development

I find myself realizing how great an experience I have had since my beginnings at City Yoga.  Not only have I met some wonderful folks here but I've made many very special friends.  It is a loving place of peace. The yoga is the best I've had the opportunity to participate with as well. My previous experience had been in the gym although I knew I wanted a deeper yogic experience.  Stacey has been not only a great teacher but mentor as well.  All of the teachers at City Yoga possess great skill and each share a unique experience with their teaching. My time spent at City Yoga has been very worthwhile and I encourage folks everywhere I go to give yoga a try, especially at City Yoga. Thanks to all the teachers and staff at City Yoga who make a life changing experience possible every day.
Richard S., corrections officer



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